THE BEAVER Gets A Spring Release Date!

Summit has set a release date for The Beaver directed by Jodie Foster starring Mel Gibson
After Gibsons’s melt down earlier this year Summit decided to pass on trying for an Oscar qualifying run, it is finally scheduled for Spring 2011.  I am a huge fan of Mel Gibson and am super excited to see this!

The Beaver was written by Kyle Killen.  Gibson plays Walter Black, a depressed toy manufacturer, who loses his family and his business. But then Walter tries on a hand puppet he discovers in a dumpster, a chatty British rodent called ”The Beaver”, and his personality is transformed. It’s all good at first, but things turn ugly when the puppet won’t let go.

Foster calls Gibson’s performance ”one of his most powerful and moving performances”.  As is evident from the likes of Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Oliver Stone’s career, Hollywood can forgive.  It also looks like the general public does not have a problem either, because 76% polled by CBS News/Vanity Fair said Gibson’s personal issues would have no effect on whether they would see his films.

I think that the story sounds fantastic and I for one am looking forward to seeing Mel on screen again. A trailer for The Beaver is said to be airing on Entertainment Tonight on Friday.  Remember that boycotting Gibson’s films will not actually hurt Mel Gibson but actually all of the other people that worked hard on the film!

Source: Deadline

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