Exclusive Interview: Actor Anthony Guajardo – Miguel From THE WALKING DEAD

I recently had the chance to interview Anthony Guajardo.  If you have not heard of Anthony before I am sure you would know him if you saw him.  He starred as Miguel in an episode titled “Vatos” on this season of The Walking Dead.  Keep reading to learn about his experience working on the show and what it is like to be a young star on the verge of a career in Hollywood!

You got your start in commercials at a young age, what made you interested in becoming an actor?
You know it’s kind of funny, but acting is the only thing I ever remember wanting to do it as a career. When I was about five I saw “The Mask” with Jim Carrey and his hilarious performance struck a chord with me. It gave me a deep unexplainable feeling of happiness … I guess it was “love at first sight.” Ha ha! 
How has your life changed since The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D?
It was the first time that I had been on the set of a movie, being on Robert’s set reassured me that I was meant to be in front of the camera, … it just felt right. Since then I have been training and improving my skills everyday.
What was it like working with Taylor Lautner and Robert Rodriguez?
Although I was an extra it was an amazing experience, Taylor introduced himself to me one day on set and was one of the coolest actors I had met. Robert was really laid back and really nice, he never made work feel like work.

You starred as Miguel on an episode of this seasons The Walking Dead. How did you enjoy working on a series versus a feature film? 
Well up until now the Vatos and Miguel have only been in one episode, though I hope they’ll bring us back … but the idea of working a character on a project that doesn’t have a definite start and end point to it when you begin, is exciting because you don’t know how or where you will be able to take the character.
The Walking Dead was my favorite show on TV last season.  There were so many awesome moments. Do you have a favorite scene from the scenes you were involved in shooting and from the first season as a whole?
My favorite scene from “Vatos” was the one when Daryl threw the hand at me, because I got a chance to work with all three actors at the same time. They are all extremely talented and easy to work with…plus it was really funny to watch. My favorite scenes through out the season were when T-Dog said “I thought you were being eatin my dogs man!” I LOVE the way Iron E. said that line. My other favorite was when Rick sees his family again for the first time since he woke up, it was an incredibly emotional scene performed perfectly by Andrew.
Even though you were only on one episode, your character was a pivotal character in introducing a group of survivors. Do you know if you plan on being a part of any episode(s) next season?  
I have not heard anything from The Walking Dead regarding weather I will be returning to the show, but trust me I’m hoping and praying that I will return. I’m also hoping that people who are fans of the “Vatos” episode will like my character enough to request me…*Hint Hint* ha
Having grown up in the business do you feel that you have had to miss out on a lot of the traditional experiences of your friends?
In a way yes, but it will all be worth it in the end. I’ve always been more interested in learning a script that throwing a football, I guess I was just born weird like that ha-ha
What are some of your favorite types of films and TV shows?
My top favorite TV shows right now are:
The Walking Dead, Tosh.O, Family Guy, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, South Park, The B.A.D Revue, Supernatural, and The Boondocks. My favorite films are Transformers (all of them), The Soloist, Caveman’s Valentine, Across The Universe, Singing in the Rain, any movie with Jim Carrey, Moulin Rouge, Zombieland, and Night of the Living Dead.  
If you could choose any actor or director, who would that be and why?
Actor: Jim Carrey or Johnny Depp, because they’re both such talented actors! They never fail to give an amazing performance. I would also really like to work Ashley Greene, she’s beautiful!
Director: Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino, because I love the style of their movies and they NEVER fail to keep me entertained.
What types of projects do you have coming up in TV or Film?
I am working on a webisode with some acting buddies of mine and we are calling it “The B.A.D. Revue” other than that there’s is nothing film related on my plate, just been auditioning for everything I can.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
I just want to let everybody know that I will be attending the Contagion convention in Nebraska, I’m going to have a panel where I will talk to young actors and give them advice. It is June 10-12 2011

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