Hear Me On Ep. 24 Of The Not Just New Movies Podcast: Death to Smoochy

Last night I was a guest on the The Not Just New Movies Podcast. The podcast was a lot of fun to do and is one that I think readers of this site will surely enjoy. Be sure to keep reading to listen and leave comments!

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for listening to another episode of The Not Just New Movies Podcast. This week, Ben is joined by our very own Mazer and Tiberius to discuss Danny DeVito’s 2002 film Death to Smoochy.

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Intro and Character Name Game: 00:00 – 2:20
Media Consumed
Tiberius: I’m Still Here, The Horde: 2:20 – 4:25
Mazer: Gran Turismo 5, upcoming TV shows: 4:25 – 6:35
Ben: Breaking Bad, Party Down, Best Worst Movie: 6:35 – 14:30
Review of the Week: 14:40 – 49:16
Apple II: 49:16 – 50:12
Listener Voicemails, E-Mails, and new Twitter followers: 50:12 – 55:58
Character Name Game Wrap-Up: 55:58 – 1:00:24
Conclusion: 1:00:24 – End
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