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Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta review

Here is a review written by a NapiersNews reader for the Uncharted 3 MP beta! Keep reading to check it out.

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Uncharted 3 MP beta had your standard players. Campers, Stalkers, Noob Toobersand we can’t forget the Cluster bombers.

In the world of the u3 beta you had the chance to test the Ak47 and G mail.This will likely be featured in game.

Three maps were showcased during the beta. Air strip, Chateau and the Yemenmap coming in with one of the last updates.

Yemen was mainly set up as a sniper map with high towers and numerous ledgesto hind in and snipe from with two T-bolt rifles placed throughout the map.

Chateau was my favorite map it was an indoor and outdoor area, each map hadvarious weapons that were strewn about including the RPG, Hammer and Dessert 5pistol.

Your choice of playable characters for the hero team was Nathan Drake, Sully,and Treasure hunter. For your Villains team you could play as a customizable Pirate.

The fastest and easiest way to level up during the beta was to play the co-op arena.Where you were put through several different stages of, Siege, Survival and GoldRush.

All and all this was a good Beta other than it didn’t last long enough was onlyavailable from June 28th through July 15th. Had lots of fun made a few goodfriends.

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