Danger Mouse’s album Rome to become feature film

Danger Mouse’s album Rome is being turned into a feature film. Pitchfork (via Variety) reports that the story will be based on Alden Bell’s novel The Reapers Are the Angels and incorporate the album as an underpinning to the story, which centers on “a girl born into a post-apocalyptic world who must survive by her wits while finding moments of simple joy.”

Chris Milk will be making the jump from music videos to features with this project that will use a variety of media platforms as part of an interactive narrative. Milk’s visual style is a perfect match for Danger Mouse’s eclectic style. Milk directed the Arcade Fire video that allowed viewers to input their Google Earth address to personalize the video.

Rome takes it cues from classic spaghetti Westerns and features performances by Ennio Morricone’s original 40-piece orchestra, an eight-person choir and contributions by Jack White and Norah Jones.

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