BATMAN Character Art by Otis Frampton

Here is some awesome Batman character art by Otis Frampton.  I loved his Star Wars art, and I love his Batman art even more.  He’s got such a cool style, I could definitely see this as an animated series. All of your favorite Batman characters are here, including The Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Catwoman, and more.

Read Otis’ Bio Below:

Writer, artist, creator.

Otis was hatched in 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee (he quickly flew that particular coop and became a Minnesota Yankee). His interest in illustration began at a very early age, and his first medium was “butter-on- carpet”. Unfortunately, that masterpiece is no longer available for public viewing, as his mother was his first critic, and quickly eliminated all evidence of his early genius. Years later, his passion for creating fantastic imagery remains as strong as ever (as does his love of butter).

Check out this amazing Batman Character Art:

Batman2 Catwoman Clayface Croc Freeze Ivy Joker Penguin Riddler tumblr_mhts7kL0U61qhk70fo1_1280-550x242 Two-Face

Who is your favorite out of the Batman character art?

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BATMAN Character Art by Otis Frampton

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