Venture Brothers News From San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Wish I could say I was bringing you this news ‘Live from San Diego’ but unfortunately I’m not, as you might of seen in Zetacoes post, none of us made it out there. I’m instead bringing it to you from Bleedingcool, who was lucky enough to be there at the Venture Brothers panel. Anyways, what did Jackson and Doc say? Well, in typical Jackson and Doc fashion, to avoid any potential spoilers being released, not much news was given out.

What they did say is this: They’re writing season 6 right now, the opening to season 6 is the actual season 5 finale, there’s going to be a Venture Brothers art book released by Dark Horse, and last but not least, they haven’t made a Venture Brothers game because nobody’s asked them. (I know, that doesn’t sound like news but…Telltale Games, this is your chance! I know you want to do it. Just pitch it. Venture Brothers point and click adventure game. Right. Now.)

So, that’s about it. Also for anybody that’s interested, Doc Hammer has caved in and got a Twitter account, he’s finally moved on from Myspace, but he’s only using it to poetically discuss his trips to the toilet. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what the lyrics to a Smiths song would read like if Morrissey wrote all about taking a dump, then here’s your chance, you can go follow @thedochammer (And yes. It is him and not a fake account. He confirmed it here.

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