9 TV Characters You Thought Were Killed Off … But Weren’t (Entirely)

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Kenny, “South Park

Poor Kenny — he’s been killed so many times that it’s one of the show’s ongoing jokes. He always returns, though, and it was finally revealed that Kenny’s immortality is the result of a curse.


Dan Connor, “Roseanne”

At the end of the eighth season of the long-running comedy, John Goodman’s character had a heart attack at his daughter’s wedding. When the show returned for season nine, Dan was alive and well — and his family had won the lottery. In a twist on the “it was all a dream” trope, the family’s good fortune was not real. Dan had actually died of the heart attack, and the lottery win was nothing more than a fantasy Roseanne had conjured up to deal with it.


Buffy, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Slaying vampires comes with certain occupational hazards — including death. The titular character of this 1990s cult classic died several times over the run of the show. She drowned at the end of season one, but was revived, and at the end of season five killed again after falling into a portal. She was brought back at the beginning of season six via magic, an act that changed the entire arc of the series going forward.


Multiple Characters, “Once Upon a Time”

Fans of ABC’s fairy tale–based hit have seen many characters perish in the first three seasons — and most of them return in one form or another at some point. August Booth (also known as Pinocchio) was turned to wood at the end of the second season, only to be brought back to life by the Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy herself perished by Peter Pan’s shadow but rose again when Prince Charming, Captain Hook and Tinkerbelle captured the shadow — during her funeral.

As long as there are television dramas, there will be characters that “die” and then come back to life. So if your favorite disappears one week, don’t panic — there’s a good chance that he or she will be back soon.


About the Author: Ricki Ewing spends most of her time recapping reality shows and nighttime soaps.

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