5 Movies We’d Like to See Get a Sequel before MRS DOUBTFIRE

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Pigs are flying and Hell seems to have frozen over because Mrs Doubtfire 2 is in the works with Robin Williams and Christopher Columbus returning. This is basically a sequel that absolutely no one asked for, but is being forced upon us by Hollywood. I wonder if the creepy daughter or Mathew Lawrence will return. Brosnan hasn’t been doing too much lately, so perhaps Mrs Doubtfire 2 will be about him plotting revenge against Williams’ character for hitting him in the head with an orange.

Thanks to /Film we do know about that both Williams and Columbus are slated to return, and David Berenbaum (writer of Elf, The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Haunted Mansion and Zoom) is writing the script.

Apparently Mrs Doubtfire 2 has been quietly in the works since 2001, with actress Bonnie Hunt penning a script. Up until now Berenbaum’s version of the story has been the only iteration to attract the attention of Columbus and Williams, thus giving the sequel life again. The first film is a classic, but does it really need a sequel?

In honor of this news we’ve put together a list of five movies we’d rather see get a sequel instead of Mrs Doubtfire 2. Granted, the following movies chosen by our team could fall into the same category of “Why the hell does this deserve to get a sequel, too?” To that we say, “Bugger off, this is our list. Make your own in the comments section.” [insert windy smiley face] Without further ado, here are the movies we think deserve sequels.



No, not 47 Ronin, but Ronin starring Robert De Niro from director John Frankenheimer. This espionage thriller deserves a sequel because the film delivered so much action and intrigue that the characters could have kept going for four more hours. It is worth a sequel alone to see more nail biting driving sequences.



Karl Urban has already called upon fans to make a sequel become a reality. Out of all of the films on this list, Dredd is the most likely to get a sequel. Some say it is basically a rip off of The Raid, but this movie is leaps and bounds above the Stallone version of the comic. Urban is capable of taking this story further, and hopefully with a better villain this time.

The Last Starfighter

It has been ages since I’ve seen The Last Starfighter, but the Nick Castle film is ripe for a sequel. A reboot would be more likely at this point since it is so far out from the original film. Either way, a return to Centauri would definitely be supported by legions of loyal fans.

Big Trouble in Little China

Come on, who doesn’t want to know what adventures Jack Burton and the Pork Chop Express? The film packs kung-fu and magic into one awesome film. Kurt Russell and John Carpenter are at their best, and we’d love to see more. A reboot is more likely at this point, but we would love a sequel too.


Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson need to pull their collective star power together to give M. Night Shyamalan another hit. Unbreakable is a true sleeper with an amazing ending. The only problem is that audiences are just left with their mouth’s agape. A sequel will not likely happen, but we would support it with all of our su

The Last Boyscout

We would literally dance a jig if this film got a sequel. Damon Wayans is actually good  as ex pro football player turned private eye opposite Bruce Willis. The film was penned by Shane Black and directed by Tony Scott. A reboot is more likely, but we are holding out for a sequel.

Which of these movies do you think should get a sequel before Mrs Doubtfire?

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