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At Comic Con there’s lots of food to be had but it’s not always so friendly on your figure or your budget. I’m an advocate of packing my own food, just because it ends up being cheaper than buying it at the convention center or from one of the nearby restaurants (who I’m convinced jack up their prices during the convention) and because I have more choice in how healthy or unhealthy I want to eat.

I usually opt for a protein shake of some kind for breakfast, because it will keep me full in the wee hours of the morning whilst waiting in line, and then usually have another shake for lunch sprinkled with bars of various kinds throughout the day, and possibly a little fruit if I can fit it in.

While man can’t survive on protein bars alone, the thing I always look for is texture. Get some bars that are crunchy, some that are chewy, and make sure you have a different range of flavors, not just the generic chocolate covered oats. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

There are more options for protein bars available than there are crusty nail polishes in a back alley salon, and I make no claims to be a nutritionist, but a good formula to look for is something that’s relatively low calorie (between 150 and 300), between 15 and 30 grams of protein, low sugar and carbs with high fiber.


In the shake department try Orgain Nutritional Shakes, made with USDA organic ingredients and 16 grams of protein ($13.76 for 4 – Orgain.com), or Svelte Shakes, which are gluten and dairy free, vegan, have 20% of your daily fiber and 11 grams of protein.

If you need a bar that’s extra manly or need a fruit and grain alternative, try EPIC bars, which are gluten free and paleo because they are meat based. They come in Bison, Turkey, Lamb and Beef flavors, and all of the meats used in the bars are 100% grass fed. The Bison flavor is probably my favorite, because Bison and Bacon. Come on. $31.66 for 12 – Amazon.com

The winner for variety of flavors and for texture has got to be KIND bars. With minimal ingredients, many options including nut-free, vegan, high protein, and high fiber and flavors like Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew, Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, Fruit & Nut Delight, Almond Cashew with Flax & Omega 3, and Apple Cinnamon and Pecan, you’re bound to find something that you like. (Prices vary, see Amazon.com)


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