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Which Superheroes deserve a video game from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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In an increasingly pressurised and competitive world, inspirational characters play a more important role than ever before. Some people look to presidents, some look to religious characters, and some revolutionists for ideas on how to cope with life’s greatest difficulties.

Most, however, look at Superheroes as a way to escape realism. Fantasising about their epic stories and abilities, these characters give people thrills, inspiration, and above all hope. It is gamers in particular who get to actively experience these feelings by battling evil with the likes of Batman and Superman on their consoles.

Whilst these two characters are extremely well catered for in the gaming department, it is clear that some other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe deserve a chance to inspire and entertain in a video game.

Daredevil is arguably the character who most deserves a modern day video game. A fictional Superhero who appears in the Marvel comic books, his story of being blinded and forced to use other senses to conquer evil is not only extremely inspirational, but also perfect video game material.


The intelligence organisation S.H.E.I.L.D offers plenty of great gaming ideas, and it is the character of Daidy Johnson, also known as Quake, who looks best suited to have her own video game. Her hand to hand combat skills and excellent marksmanship are only topped by her ability to create mini earthquakes that shatter enemies, something that could be excellently explored on any gaming platform.

Another specialised agent, Nick Fury, also deserves his own video game title. Likened to James Bond, Fury’s ability to remain active despite being nearly a century old opens up many unexplored gaming opportunities.

The ability to defeat villains with natural weather is completely unused in all existing games, which is why Iceman from X-men definitely deserves his own video game. A Superhero that generates freezing temperatures to manipulate his environments, Iceman would work as a character on just about any gaming platform in any gaming environment due to his expansive abilities.

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