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Fantasia 2020 – THE DARK AND THE WICKED Movie Review

The Dark and the Wicked is one of the scariest films I have seen. Ghost films, if done well, like The Conjuring films, win me over every time. This horror genre relies on a number of different elements to create such a scary film. Music and the lighting are a huge factors for amping up the tension

The film takes place on a farm that is basically out in the middle of nowhere. The closest neighbors are miles and miles away. This is one of the aspects that creeps me the fuck out. I am basically an indoor type of guy so I would definitely not be in my comfort zone. The tension is so intense I had to turn away at times or had to restart a specific part because I was too scared or was shaking my head from the insanity.

A brother and sister played by Michael Abbott Jr and Malin Ireland come to pay their last respects for their dying father who is withering away on his deathbed. Shortly after the siblings arrive, their mother begins to suffer from waking nightmares and a growing sense that an evil presence is taking over her body. There is one scene featuring the mother that had me gasping for breath. In fact there are a number of scenes that there is some intense violence. If thats your thing you are getting top notch supernatural story and one that has a decent amount of gore for the gore hounds out there.

The Dark And the Wicked is the perfect example of a film that does more with less. They truly squeezed their VFX budget for as much as they could get. I am excited to see what comes next for writer-director Bryan Bertino. He did a masterful job on the direction fo this.

I actually had not made the connection that Bertino had directed The Strangers and it’s sequel. Now that I know that I am super excited with the consistency of his films. I think that The Dark And The Wicked is Bertino’s best work to date.

There are so many films that were part of Fantasia, that I fell in love with so I sound like a broken record. You can check out my reviews from the fest here. The Dark and The Wicked is produced by Shudder and it will be hitting the streaming service in 2021.



Ensconced deep in rural seclusion, there is a farm. On this farm, there is a house. In this house, there is an elderly man. This man is slowly dying. His adult children, Louise (Marin Ireland, SNEAKY PETE) and Michael (Michael Abbott Jr, THE DEATH OF DICK LONG), have both put their lives on hold and returned home to be with him in his most difficult hours. The house holds terrible energies. Palpably horrific. Louise and Michael both sense it. They initially try to ignore what their guts are screaming to them, but soon, waking nightmares make that an increasingly difficult thing to do. One freakish happening follows another. Something evil is taking over the household.

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