My first film of the festival is Gaia. Directed by Jaco Brouwer, the film stars Monique Rockman, Carel Nel, Anthony Oseyemi, and Alex Van Dyk.

Visual effects for science fiction/horror films are extremely important. Without the visual effects, Gaia would not be possible. The practical effects are equally awesome.

From the start of the film, your anxiety level will likely spike. Two forest rangers out collecting data encounter a primitive father and son who have a unique connection to Mother Earth.

If you are going to go exploring in the woods be sure to always bring your darn radio. Of course, these are plot elements that are needed, but they annoy me.

I really have no idea why I put myself through so much torture when watching movies. For Sundance, I reviewed In The Earth, another film set in the wilderness. Then I recently reviewed Wrong Turn.

You’re probably thinking how are movies torture. I’m scared of being lost in the woods without supplies. I’ve actually been lost in the woods before and it’s actually scary.

Once you add the fact that Gaia has some freaky shit going on, and I’m experiencing PTSD. I love movies so I’m willing to watch just about anything. I’m also trying to face my fears head on.

Gaia is a solid film that fans of the horror genre will enjoy. Keep reading to check out the trailer.


On a surveillance mission in a primordial forest, a park ranger encounters two survivalists following a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. The boy and his philosophical father seem to have their own religion, and a mysterious relationship to nature. There are many suspicious aspects to their existence, but when the cabin is attacked by strange, post-human beings one night, she learns that there is a greater threat in this emergent wilderness. GAIA is an ecological horror fantasy that engages the burning issues of our time.

Watch the trailer:

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