Buy Your Very Own Street-Legal TRON Light Cycle

Just in time for the holidays you can now get your very own street-legal Tron Light Cycle.  This is makes complete sense with Tron: Legacy’s release looming on the horizon. A bike shop in  Florida has built 10 custom street-legal Tron Light Cycle lookalikes. The selling cost, $55,000!

The bikes were built by Parker Brothers Choppers.  The bikes feature a steel frame, fiberglass bodywork and use a super fast V-twin Suzuki TLR1000 engine. Stopping power comes from a custom made friction drum that keeps the bike true to the look of Daniel Simon’s latest Light Cycle design. Customers have a choice between actual gauges and an iPad dock that displays vital statistics on the iPad’s touchscreen.
Don’t be fooled, these bikes are not replicas or recreations since the Light Cycles in both Tron films were virtual. “We basically used the images we could get off the web in order to make the bike,” said Halverson. “Keep in mind, no one ever made this bike before.”
The bike weighs 474 pounds and is just over 100 inches long and 23 inches wide. fSimilar to most crotch rockets the rider of these bikes sits/lies only 28.5 inches from the pavement.
Currently, there are only four Light Cycles left in case you wanted to add this to your holiday shopping list.  
Watch these bad boys in action below!
Source: Jalopnik
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