The 5 Best Mobile Video Games

[tps_title]The 5 Best Mobile Video Games[/tps_title]

Video game fans were relegated to going to an arcade with pockets full of quarters to play for hours on their favorite game. Things have changed since I started playing games as a kid.

The death of the arcade was brought on by the introduction of home computing and the game console. Kids could play for hours and hours in the comfort of their own home.

Things have changed once again with the introduction of the mobile phone and the popularity of smart phones. Sony and Nintendo have attempted to make gaming portable with the Gameboy and PSP, but the mobile phones have brought on a new era of gaming.

Almost anyone can create mobile video games. It’s not just the big names like Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts etc that have let people spend eve more time glued to their phones. Casinos have even gotten in on the action as of late by bringing the action to mobile phones. Slot, poker and blackjack can all be played on mobile phones. Blackjack is my favorite type of gambling. Blackjack is my favorite game on the computer and one of my favorite mobile game.

I have decided to put together a list of the five best mobile video games. Keep reading to see my full list.

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