First Picture From THE SITTER Starring Jonah Hill

David Gordon Green is currently filming The Sitter starring Jonah Hill. Here is the first picture of Hill from the film.

Below is a description of the script from The Playlist who was able to take a peak at an early draft of The Sitter‘s script:

It’s essentially an edgier, R-Rated, “Adventure’s In Babysitting” with Jonah Hill playing a suspended college student who is forced to stay home for the summer and then is wrangled into babysitting by his single mother so she can go out on a date. From there Hill’s character is tasked with taking care of three hellion kids — one an anxious pill-popping headcase, the youngest a pre-teen Britney Spears-wannabe obsessed with Paris Hilton and vapidity and not understanding her oversexualized skeevy demeanor, and the last one being an adopted South American kid who’s fat and not too bright. As if the kids aren’t enough trouble, Hill’s self-centered girlfriend makes the night more difficult for the obsessive, dotting student by asking him to pick up some cocaine for her frat party. It’s a dumb move which he’ll learn to regret (pissed-off drug dealers), but he acquiesces and of course makes things worse by making the children into accomplices on a wild night that is out of control, near violent, comical, and yet still has its moments of dysfunctional family-like tenderness.”

The Sitter boasts an amazing cast. J.B. Smoove and Sam Rockwell star as the drug dealers that are chasing Hill. Max Records  who was in Where The Wild Things Are stars as the oldest kid, Kevin Hernandez and Landry Bender play the two younger kids while Ari Graynor stars as Hill’s selfish girlfriend.
I enjoyed Adventures in Babysitting and think this sounds like a hilarious take on that story.  I am digging this cast as well.  What are your thoughts, are you looking forward to seeing The Sitter?

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