New Photo Of Tomar-Re From GREEN LANTERN

Here is the first clear look at the alien character Tomar-Re from Warner Bros. Green Lantern.

The trailer gave us a few very brief shots of the CGI alien in the film. When I first heard of a Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds I was sold. The moment I saw the trailer debut my hopes for the film went out the window. The CGI work looks horrible, but that may change before audiences see the film on the big screen.

For those of you not familiar with the character of Tomar-Re here is a little background:
Tomar was a scientist on the planet Xudar before joining the Green Lantern Corps. He became a pivotal member of the Corps, training new members, like Arisia, and serving in the Honor Guard. He investigated reports of abuses of power by Sinestro on Korugar. He was close friends with Abin Sur, Green Lantern of neighboring sector 2814. He was also the first Lantern to meet Sur’s replacement, Hal Jordan, and the two got along equally well. In the Post-Crisis timeline, that friendship is deepened further in that the rookie Jordan met him soon after being recruited. Jordan was brought to him by his power ring to help with his difficulties with handling the weapon and Tomar-Re not only guided the Terran to GLC headquarters for the optional training program, but also provided valuable emotional support during this difficult time.
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