I had the chance to finally see a movie in theaters this weekend and chose to watch The Warrior’s Way  There are a number of movies I could have chosen to see, but I’m glad I saw this film. If you are looking for an action film with a touch of heart and heaping of visual beauty then this film is for you.

The film is from director Sngmoo Lee and stars Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush and Danny Huston. Here is a synopsis of the film to bring you up to speed on the storyline.

After refusing to kill the infant daughter and sole surviving member of his clan’s enemy this warrior is forced to flee to America and hide in a small town out west.   The warrior tries to live a normal life but his past is not far behind him.

When you think of a violent action film, words like visually-stunning don’t often come to mind. Calling The Warrior’s Way visually-stunning is an understatement because the colors, lighting and slow motion shots for this film are simply beautiful.  There were so many scenes that just left my jaw agape at the amazing nature of the action in that scene.  

The story is not anything that has not been done before, but the manner it goes about getting to it’s climactic finale is nothing short of unique.  I liked the characters and think they really add to the strength of the film.  Geoffrey Rush is not as large of a character throughout the film, but believe me his role is very significant.   

Kate Bosworth looks pretty good as a red head.  Her character is a nice addition to the film.  The scenes between her and Dong-gun Jang are both humorous and well choreographed.  The back stories of all of the characters were just enough for me to feel for them and hope for there survival, which is what you ant in an action film.  

Danny Huston is perfect in his role as a Civil War Colonel turned gang leader.  He brought a nice touch of civility to his ruthless and eclectic character.   The bad ninjas are also amazingly bad ass!  From their all black costumes to their acrobatic maneuvers you can’t help but be amazed at the wickedly cool aspect they bring to the film.  

To sum up this is definitely a movie worthy of seeing on the big screen because of the colors, the amazing action sequences and sound that a theater can provide.  The story is one you have likely seen before, but the characters are unique enough for you to overlook that fact.  There is definitely room for a sequel to this film, which I would definitely see.  


Have you seen The Warrior’s Way?  If so, do you agree with my review of the film?

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