David E. Kelley Still Believes WONDER WOMAN Could Be On TV Next Year!

David E. Kelley has not given up hope that his version Wonder Woman will make it to the small screen next year despite broadcast networks passing on his script this week.

Here is what he had to say to THR:

“I think the likelihood is we’ll see it next year. I’m being optimistic but I don’t think I’m being unrealistic.”

Last week we reported that the show had been postponed due to executive reshuffling, but Kelley is not giving up hope. He stated that the script was “rolled out very late in the game” and that he plans to take the series back to NBC, which reportedly passed. 
Kelley believes that the series would be a good pairing with the egal drama Harry’s Law on Monday. He stated that it woud be a “good home for it” under incoming programming chief Robert Greenblatt.  
Kelley goes on to say that his vision of Wonder Woman is one of a “real complex woman and not just a superhero.” He also mentioned that it’s a “possibility” Wonder Woman could land at cable.
What are your thoughts of the new Wonder Woman series? Do you think it would be better on network or cable?
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