My Top Ten Films Of 2010

Here is my list of Top Ten Films Of 2010! I know it is already 2011, but I finally saw a movie that I had been meaning to see. Check out my list below and let me know your thoughts.

10 The Ghost Writer 
The performances by Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan are extraordinary. Roman Polanski took me back to the feeling of my other favorite films he directed, Frantic. The bleak tone of the film and the locations were excellent.
9 Exit Through The Gift Shop
This is one of my favorite documentaries. It is inspirational, funny and depressing film that is fun to watch. I did not see this until it because available on Instant Netflix and I am glad that I watched it. Great film if you have not seen it yet. 
8 The Town 
The performances are powerful and the action sequences intense making this a very enjoyable film to watch. Affleck, Renner and Rebecca Hall all were wonderful in their roles. It was impressive to see Affleck do such a great job at directing as well as being a lead, quite impressive.
7 Animal Kingdom 
Jacki Weaver is chillingly evil in this suspenseful gritty film. James Frecheville had a break out performance. This is definitely a must watch if you have not seen it yet. Be sure to rent this or better yet buy it when it is available.
6 Let Me In 
This is one example of a remake being better than the original. Chloe Moretz was perfectly cast and did a great job in the lead role. Kodi Smit-McPhee did a great job as well, truly a breakout role for him. I am a huge fan of Moretz.  I am a huge fan of Richard Jenkins and this film once again showed his great range as an actor.
5 Kick-Ass 
Another great film for Chloe Moretz who made this move as well. Aaron Johnson and Nicolas Cage were great as well, don’t get me wrong. It is just that every time Hit Girl came on screen I cheered in my mind. This was also Cage’s best role in a hell of a long time. I had the best time watching this movie!
4 Winter’s Bone 
Having grown up in Missouri, I particularly enjoyed this movie. The performances by the entire cast or character actors was fabulous, but Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes stood out by far. This is a great movie so I recommend you run out to the closes Redbox Kiosk and rent it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did
3 Inception

This is one of the films that I watched more than once this year. Not only did Nolan remind us how amazing he is as a director, but he catapulted actors like Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt into the minds of audiences and casting directors alike. Yes, they have both been in a number of great films, but the exposure that Inception gave them has been amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor and I love his performance.
2 Black Swan
I finally had the chance to see this movie last night and I cannot get it out of my mind nor do I want to. Darren Aronofsky has done for ballet what he did for wrestling in The Wrestler. I am not a fan of ballet, but this movie sucked me in with it’s mixture of beauty and grace. Natalie Portman will win Best Actress at the Oscar’s hands down. 
1 The Social Network
I initially was not sure that a movie about Facebook would work and went into the theater with no expectations other than David Fincher being involved and liking Jesse Eisenberg. Fincher did a phenomenal job of directing this film and deserves to win an Oscar for Best Director this year. Eisenberg was great and is likely to win for Best Actor. Andrew Garfield‘s performance was amazing and I am glad he is the new Peter Parker. Justin Timberlake‘s proved to audiences that he is a solid actor with his performance. I already knew he was good after seeing him in Alpha DogTrent Reznor‘s score was amazing and helped to set the tone throughout. This movie was thoroughly entertaining and inspired me. It took me a lot to persuade my wife to see the film and she loved it. 
I know that it may seem odd that there are not any animated films on my list. Here is the deal, I am not a huge fan of animation, it is not one of my favorite genres. I have a feeling the above list might change if I saw Somewhere and The King’s Speech
Here are my honorable mentions:
The Fighter
True Grit
The Kids Are All Right
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

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