PUNCH joins the Deathwish family, "Nothing Lasts" 7"EP out soon, on tour now

San Francisco’s Punch has recently signed with Deathwish Records. Their new album, “Nothing Lasts E.P.” will be released by a partnership of Deathwish, Discos Huelga, and 625 Thrash. A release date and Pre-ordering information will be coming soon. Keep reading for more details and tour dates.

In June of 2011, Punch piled into their two beat up Honda Civics in San Francisco, CA and set off on a twenty six minute journey to East Palo Alto, CA. With a population of just over four thousand gang members, East Palo Alto may be a peculiar place for a punk band to go, but nestled in its urban isolation is acclaimed engineer Jack Shirley and his Atomic Garden Studios (formerly the ShitBox). There under Shirley’s attentive ears, Punch poured their patchwork sound into their latest work, “Nothing Lasts E.P.”

The influences on “Nothing Lasts” are as varied as the 5 members’ musical backgrounds, spending time in bands as diverse as Doppelganger, Loma Prieta, and Bullets In. As with their previous releases “Nothing Lasts” straddles a variety of hardcore sub-genres. From thrash to d-beat to straight up youth crew Punch recombines all of these genres to create something all their own without ever being forced or cheesy (they’re vegan, duh). “Nothing Lasts” is a slightly more introspective release for the band which lyrically and musically explores active nihilism – the idea that it is better to actively break down your walls and change yourself rather than to sit around and wait for the world to spoon feed you. Make each moment count because no matter good or bad, nothing lasts.

1. Do it Yourself
2. Done
3. Time Apart
4. Planning is Easy
5. Four Letters
6. The Chase
7. How Nothing Lasts

07/05: Budapest, Hungary @ Szabad az A 
07/06: Szeged, Hungary @ Club Noir 
07/07: Zagreb, Croatia @ AKC, medika 
07/08: Koper, Slovenia @ Pandamonium Fest III 
07/09: Munchen, Germany @ Kafe Kult (Disaster Disaster Fest)
07/10: Milano, Italy @ Villa Vegan Squat 
07/11: Marseille, France @ O’Bundles 
07/12: Toulouse, France @ L’emergence Squat 
07/13: Barcelona, Spain @ Moog 
07/14: Madrid, Spain @ Nasti 
07/15: Bastiagueiro, Spain @ Casa Da Silva 
07/16: Asturius, Spain @ Buddha 
07/17: Bilbao, Spain @ Sentinel Rock Club 
07/18: Nantes, France @ Foyer des Jeunes 
07/19: Berchem, Belgium @ JC Den Eglantier 
07/20: Chemnitz, Germany @ AJZ 
07/21: Gottingen, Germany @ T-Keller 
07/22: Regensburg, Germany @ Alte Malzerei 
07/23: Czech Republic @ Fluff Fest 
08/07: Vancouver, BC @ Garbage Mountain /w Loma Prieta
08/07: Portland, OR @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/08: Vancouver, BC @ Garbage Mountain w/ Loma Prieta
08/09: Calgary, AB @ Local Library w/ Loma Prieta
08/10: Edmonton, AB @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/11: Regina, SK @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/12: Winnipeg, MB @ The Death Trap w/ Loma Prieta
08/13: Minneapolis, MN @ House Of The Lard w/ Loma Prieta, The Men
08/14: Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/15: Pittsburg, PA @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/20: Richmond, VA @ The Camel (Best Friend’s Day) /w Loma Prieta
08/21: Dayton, OH @ The Dayton Pessimist Club w/ Loma Prieta
08/22: Indianapolis, IN @ Dojo w/ Loma Prieta
08/23: Davenort, IA @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/24: Lincoln, NE @ Mad Ave w/ Loma Prieta
08/25: Denver, CO @ TBA w/ Loma Prieta
08/26: Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground w/ Loma Prieta
08/27: Reno, NV @ Fort Ryland w/ Loma Prieta
08/28: San Francisco, CA @ Sub Mission w/ Loma Prieta
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