Album Review: Everything Could Be Fine – Sun Glitters

What do you get when you blend Post Dubstep and Chillwave, two of the biggest breakthrough genres in the last few years? A rough formulaic recipe for the sound of Sun Glitters, Luxembourgs very own Victor Ferreira has merged together eerie pitch altered vocals and warm, lingering synth sounds to create a hybrid sound that plays out like a sonic pool of quick. Which if you’re wondering, is a good thing.

By blurring these lines Everything Could Be Fine becomes quite quickly an always sun kissed kaleidoscope of baked, psychedelic sounds which have the ability to wash over you and absorb your both your eardrums and brain. Strong bass lines act as a solid centre, an anchor if you will from which Ferreira can keep his compositions grounded, giving him wiggle room to experiment with. An array of hazy synth work in the form of prolonged pads and unwinding melodies manage to give off a very relaxed vibe, relaxed to the point of hypnotism. A lot of the sounds on here have the potential to suck you into the albums dream like state. The work done with vocal samples and the layering of sounds only adds credence to this, making the whole album for the most part a rich and often mesmerizing experience.

The one factor that I feel lets the album down and prevented me from falling completely into this Sun Glitters shaped rabbit hole was the use of beats. A lot of the drum and percussion work didnt quite match the standards of the other elements on the album. At times they felt off kilter and out of sync, and although this may have been done on purpose to fit in with the surreal stylings of the record it turned me off a little. However stronger, more efficient and effective drum work matched with everything else on this record could Sun Glitters dazzle a lot more people in the near future.


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