International trailer for PERFECT SENSE starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor

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Here is the international trailer for PERFECT SENSE from British director David Mackenzie based on a script by Kim Fupz Aakeson. The film stars Eva Green and Ewan McGregor and our review of the film from the Edinburgh Film Festival can be found HERE.


Green plays Susan, an epidemiologist recently out of a relationship gone sour; McGregor is Michael, the charismatic chef who sweeps Susan off her feet and shows her that not all guys are a-holes. Sounds swell, right? And it would be… except for one tiny problem: At the same time Susan and Michael are falling for each other, a global pandemic is threatening to change the face of humanity forever.

And Susan, in her job as an epidemiologist, is right at the center of it all. When a truck driver in Glasgow experiences a sudden inexplicable crying fit and subsequently loses his sense of smell, Susan learns that more than 100 other people across Europe have been stricken in similar fashion. As more and more people around the globe begin to suffer these strange symptoms that first attack their emotions and then their symptoms, Susan and Michael are forced to try and weather the storm and find out how the human race might cope with such a pandemic.

Here is Dan’s review from EIFF. Check out the trailer below:

No US release date has been announced.

Source: Empire

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