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LOTR: WAR IN THE NORTH release date and details announced

The Lord of the Rings WAR IN THE NORTH has a release date of November 1, 2011 in North America. Warner Bros Interactive Studios and developer Snowblind Studios have release a new game trailer called The Power of Three. This trailer had me awestruck at the beauty and dynamic game play in store for us.

The video features the three heroes you will be able to play in an optional co-op mode.  You will be able to go into battle with you friends at your side. The gaming trinity of tank, dps and heals are all represented so your group must fight together to succeed.

The three characters are Eradan a Dunedain Ranger. Awdriel a Loremaster of Rivendell and Farin who is a Champion of Erebor.  Eradan is a master of evasion and archer. It’s like having a rogue and hunter all rolled up in one. Awdriel will be the healer using her staff and casting shields to heal and protect her group. Farin is the dwarf tank who will be the meat shield for the trio.

The list of locations to visit in the game is impressive. Bree, Norbindand the cavern home of the dwarfs, Rivendell, Mirkwood and so many more.

There are many things in the trailer that excite. First is how beautifully choreographed the fighting scenes look. Finesse and fluidity instead of clunky repetitive slash and hit playing. The moves of each swing of the blade look graceful and when he finishes his swing he pliés and his coat flares out dramatically. Each blade swing leaves you with a synesthesic swoosh in the air. The water in the stream is a visual tsunami.

You have twin brothers allies who are the sons of Elrond named Elladan and Elrohir but are half elf-half man. They have been dispatched to help the trio on the journey. Also along for assistance are the wizard Istari and the Great Eagle named Belleram.  The evil nemesis is Black Numenorean who is the cruelest ally of Sauron.

This game is coming out at the perfect time. I’m tired of Dragon Age 2 and this game will be the next fantasy to ignite my gaming flame. That is until Skyrim and Star Wars The Old Republic come out later.

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