Album Review: SOCCER96

Popular artists like MGMT and J Cole have the luxury of already having plenty of buzz about them, and it’s easier to miss other acts on the rise in the shuffle.Chances are, you won’t have heard of Brighton duo SOCCER96, but that is all going to change. Having shared the stage with bands such as ISLET and BLK JKS, the duo are taking things to the next level with the release of their self titled debut album.

SOCCER96 describe themselves as ‘a stripped-down, amped up analogue synth vs live drum assault’, and ‘assault’ is definitely the right term; this is a band making some serious noise (the noise being bloops and bleeps). Their inspiration is clearly drawn from video games (one of the tracks on the album is simply called ‘Level 8-Clouds’), but not in a gimmicky way; the focus is on the energy. It’s a short album, just scraping past the half-hour mark, but they fit a lot into such a short space of time.

‘Call To Arms’ feels like a high energy sugar rush, and you can’t ignore the incredible drum beats (drummer ‘Beatamax’ certainly lives up to his nickname). However, it’s not all high speed bloops and bleeps; the aforementioned ‘Level 8 – Clouds’ is one of the more laid-back tracks on the album, and the album ends with the quietly-epic and strangely beautiful ‘Yoga Flame’. However, the stand – out track is definitely ‘California’; its summery vibe is sure to make it a club hit.

The album is set to be released on March 24 via Demons Are Real


Track Listing

1. California

2. Superwarrior

3. Level 8 – Clouds

4. Call To Arms

5. Adaptatrap

6. Earthattack

7. Yoga Flame

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