Geek Movie Poster Art by Marie Bergeron

Here is some amazing geek movie poster art by Marie Bergeron.  There is nothing cooler than an artist who puts their own stamp on the geeky movies and characters we all know and love.  The Dark Knight Rises, Pulp Fiction, The Avengers, Looper, and  Star Wars…I think she has all the bases covered.

Here is a brief bio from her website:

MB’s blog was founded years ago, before this one my blog was used to get people inspired by many artists & designers around the globe. With time, I realized that I was spending more time on other’s beautiful work rather than putting this time to create more. So I stopped everything and rebuilt this blog to make it a personal showcase where you can find, from time to time, time lapse, sketches, final pieces and of course some freebies.

I hope this blog will inspire you even more.

Check out this incredible Geek Movie Poster Art below:

Pulp geek-movie-poster-art-batman-catwoman Looper Avengers SW

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Geek Movie Poster Art by Marie Bergeron

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