STAR WARS Art by Otis Frampton

Somebody give this dude his own animated series!  Otis Frampton has quite the catalogue of awesome Star Wars art.  In this first piece, Frampton says:  “This is a commission. The buyer said ‘give me an image that could come from Star Wars Episode VII with the characters on Tatooine’. This is what I came up with.  Jedi Knight Leia, Han Solo, a wookiee and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker getting ambushed by thugs in Mos Gamos.”

Check out the Star Wars art below:

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I love Frampton’s style, and I think it’s good enough to be in in an animated series.  Check out some of his other awesome Star Wars art below:

Check out Otis Frampton’s deviantArt page  for tons of cool, geeky art.

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