Check out this cool clip from LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The Star Wars franchise is bigger than ever! Not only are new films on the way, but LEGO is still in the thick of it with a new DVD release, LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out. In advance of it’s DVD release on March 26, we’ve got an exclusive clip just for our readers.


In LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, the heroes of the Rebel Alliance including Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia have no time to celebrate their victory over the Empire as a new Imperial threat arises. But as Luke embarks on this next mission, he discovers that his celebrity status after blowing up the Death Star can be a double-edged lightsaber when he’s constantly mobbed by crazed fans. So much for secret missions! Meanwhile, Darth Vader and Darth Maul are locked in a hilarious “Sith-ling” rivalry as they compete for the Emperor’s approval. It’s an action-packed comic adventure that’s out of this world!

The “Sister” clip shows a funny interaction between Luke, Leia, and Han while they plan a future attack.

What do you think of the new LEGO Star Wars clip?

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