Emma Watson Steals Stuff in the BLING RING Trailer

Here is the first trailer for Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring. The Bling Ring stars Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, and Taissa Farmiga. Coppola penned the screenplay for the film based on a true story. The supporting cast includes Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Claire Pfister, Georgia Rock, and Carlos Miranda.

The Bling Ring tells the story of “a group of affluent teenagers who pulled off some brazen heists of celebrity homes, and it looks like Coppola is taking audiences right into their inner circle.”


The Bling Ring arrives on June 14th. What do you think of The Bling Ring trailer?  I love the use of Sleigh Bells’ “Crown On The Ground” in the teaser. Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments:

Emma Watson has done some great work since finishing Harry Potter. I love her in Perks of Being A Wallflower, and this looks like she is doing even more to branch out. Coppola’s Somewhere is equally rooted in L.A. life, and The Bling Ring looks to have the same feel. I really dig the use of security footage, and think that adds to the realism that is present in this story based on “actual events”.

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