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The Best Gaming Tablets

There are countless tablets available on the market nowadays. Some of them target gamers specifically – but which one offers the best experience? Here are short reviews of three of the top gaming tablets available in the market today.

Razer Edge Pro

The Razer Edge Pro is a gaming tablet that runs on Windows 8. It is equipped with a 2 megapixel front camera that takes average quality photos. The game controllers can be removed so that the bare tablet can be used for email, browsing, etc. Razer claims that it’s the world’s most powerful tablet, adding that the specs are the equivalent of a mid-price gaming laptop. Considering its gaming specs: 1.9GHZ Intel Core i7 with Turbo Boost to 3.0GHZ, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce graphics, 10.1 inch HD display, the tablet looks promising.

The Edge Pro showed it was able to handle almost all the popular game titles such as Black Ops and Skyrim except those that are really graphically demanding like The Witcher and Crysis. Razer was right, this is indeed a very powerful tablet, but its dismal battery life and its gaming and mobile gaming console capabilities leave much to be desired. Its operating system poses connectivity problems when it comes to working with a TV screen. Its price range of $1,300 and $1,450 for the 128GB and 256 GB versions respectively are definitely no selling points. But PC gamers, as the manufacturer suggests, now have a mobile alternative for their gaming itch.

Archos Gamepad 2

The Archos Gamepad 2 is the company’s second shot at gaming tablet honors. The first generation was not so successful because of its poor build quality, short battery life and low resolution screen. For the Gamepad 2, the build quality is now improved. The game controllers now give a better feel and were slightly redesigned. Weighing in at 400 grams, it’s heavier than its predecessor by 70g but it’s still compact enough to be slid into a bag. The 1280×800 screen is sharp if not mediocre but the viewing angles are now better.

To show purity of purpose, Archos partnered with Gameloft so the tablet comes with Modern Combat 4 and Asphalt 8 already installed. Archos Game Mapping Tool is also pre-installed to help out with the game controls. For good measure, the controls cannot be removed. Running on Android Jelly Bean ensures that you have plenty of choices when it comes to game titles. The gaming experience isn’t spectacular but the games were lag-free. 1.6GHZ of quad-core processors, 2 gigabytes of RAM and Mali 400 graphics make sure the games run fast and smooth. The 5,000 MAh battery guarantees 5 hours of continuous gaming and 9 hours of movie watching. Overall, Archos succeeded in its goal of putting out a better gaming tablet than the original. The base price of $288 makes it more appealing, too.


The Wikipad features an NVIDIA Tegra3 quad core processor that includes a 5th battery saving core, a 12-core NVIDIA graphics processing unit, 1 GB RAM, 7 inch 16:10 display, and detachable controllers. Aside from the gaming specs, this gaming tablet is equipped with a 2 megapixel front camera, 16GB storage expandable with a microSD card, 5 finger multitouch functionality. It is also thin at .42” and light at .71 pounds. It is easy to see that the specs are rather impressive on paper. The actual user experience is altogether different, though. The Wikipad’s build quality isn’t so impressive. The buttons give an awkward feel, the plastic panels feel, well, plasticky. The buttons on top aren’t comfortable to use, either. Sound quality from the speakers is quite low as well. Its high points could be its flexibility of use, enabling users to attach a USB controller, or connect the TV for better viewing while playing. Another plus would be its battery life. The display shows some decent quality and the 2 MP camera does rather well although this gaming tablet wasn’t designed to be a digital camera substitute.

In spite of all the weak points mentioned, the Wikipad is still a better option than using on-screen controls. GTA 3 gave us a good experience with the tablet, so did Dead Trigger. Unfortunately, some delayed responses were felt from the controllers with some games. The weight and thickness of the tablet change dramatically with the controller attachment. All in all, even at a price lower than other gaming-focused tablets ($250), the Wikipad fails to impress with its cheap feel and unstable operation.

Mobile bingo as a case study

Judging from their specs alone, one can say that playing mobile bingo on these tablets would be a piece of cake. Three years ago, mobile bingo for tablets was only a figment of the imagination. Today, tablet devices are everywhere especially when pricing has become more and more affordable for the masses. Aside from the fact that there are many tablet brands to choose from, Google’s Play Store offers many free game apps including those for mobile bingo.

You’d be surprised, but the mobile bingo community are a picky bunch, and it’s hard to find mobile devices that accommodate their needs for quality graphics and speedy, stable internet connections.

Even these picky gamers should be pleased: “heavy” bingo gamers claim that the greatest advantage in playing mobile bingo on these gaming tablets would be their ability to handle casino games with ease and without lags. If you’re new to this sort of gaming, you would note that many online bingo developers are now offering bingo playing with tablets such as LadyLucks, Costa bingo, Bet365, Sky bingo, and a lot more. Lots of them offer no deposit games for newcomers. If you’re not sure which site to choose out of the huge number of no deposit mobile bingo sites, you can read some reviews of the best sites by going here.

So if you’re playing bingo or other more complex games, it seems that with the options from which you can choose are continually growing and improving, which promises high quality of mobile gaming products.


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