Project X – Never Leave Teens Home Alone, Unless You’re Insured

Every teenager loves a good party, especially one which involves a free house and an absence of parents. But, what happens when the party gets out of control?

Project X is the perfect example of the carnage which can ensue when you mix teenagers, alcohol and a lack of adults. It’s a recipe for disaster, and an entertaining one at that. For parents, it probably epitomises their worst nightmare – the last thing you want is to return home from holiday to find that your house has been destroyed.

Project X was a 2012 comedy about three friends – Costa (Oliver Cooper), Thomas (Thomas Mann) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) who throw a party to gain favor among their peers and become more popular. Things get out of control, though, as news of the party spreads and the house that they hold the party in is destroyed in a fire, along with half the neighbourhood.

At first the friends think the party is going to be a flop when, all of a sudden, hundreds of party guests arrive. As it turns out, Costa has put advertisements on Craigslist and a local radio station, concerned that nobody will turn up. The result is that the house and garden become filled with party-goers. There’s noise, drug and alcohol abuse and, most shockingly, the fire which spreads throughout the neighbourhood. Police arrive and are astounded by the chaos of the party.


Upon their return home, Thomas’ parents are less than impressed by the destruction of their home. However, Thomas’ father does praise him for managing to pull off the party confessing he’d always thought him as a ‘loser’. Despite this he still has to pay for the damage to the house out of his college fund. The other friends find themselves in deep trouble as well, however at the end of the film we see that they have little regret; Costa promises that his next party will be bigger and better.

The movie was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Nima Nourizadeh. The production company held a nationwide casting call to find fresh acting talent. The film is shot as if on home video as if by one of the party attendees who had brought his camcorder along.

On its release, Project X was criticised for the undercurrent of misogyny in the film and the amount of drug use portrayed in the film. Others liked it though, and likened it to a modern day Animal House (1978). Since the film was released, there have been quite a few copycat real life house parties where huge amounts of destruction were caused. A couple in Missouri suffered $370,000 worth of damage after they left their home in the care of friends while they went on vacation. It is thought that around 70 to 90 teenagers arrived at the house, most from the local high school, and proceeded to go wild. Valuables were stolen and walls were punched through. The perpetrators of the party were identified after police found pictures of the carnage on Facebook and Twitter. We can only hope that the couple had Missouri homeowners insurance in place!

The film will certainly have made parents think twice about leaving their teenage kids home alone. As the film shows, there’s no accounting for what high spirits and bad influences could lead to.

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