STARRED UP Trailer – A Dramatic Father-Son Reunion

If you are searching for a really good movie that is going to shock and make you feel something, the new drama Starred Up is definitely for you. It has an absolutely interesting story plot. It is a prison movie, showing awful circumstances and a dramatic family reunion behind the bars.

Starred Up tells the story of Eric, a 19 year old boy who is now in prison. Here he meets his father, Neville. The British prison is an awful place to be, just like any prison in this world but surprisingly, it is an effective place for developing a father-son relationship. There is something really weird, bad and shocking about the situation. But that’s how this movie takes our pink glasses off and shows the real life.

The Sigma Films production is presented to the public in a very violent way. The brutal British slang, the standard prison issues and the dysfunctional family, are all accurately incorporated in the film. You get to feel it all, as the characters are purely genuine and have the power to connect with the audience through their realness. The cast is simply outstanding, starring Jack O’Connell, Rupert Friend, Ben Mendelsohn, Peter Ferdinando and many other talented actors. All of them are playing complex characters with a bunch of issues and crazy stories to tell.

Written by Jonathan Asser and directed by David Mackenzie, this movie is absolutely worth 106 minutes of our time. As it has every ingredient for creating the perfect dramatic and shocking story about the world we live in. Sometimes we have to look at what’s behind the bars, to get to understand why certain people could never be a part of a society. These people make wrong decisions, they talk bad and to awful stuff. And I am not talking only about the convicted people, but also about the whole system, including guardians and governors.

“Starred Up” is going to premiere in UK theatres on March 21st. If you are into brutal dramas, do not miss the opportunity to watch 106 minutes of prison life and family issues.

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