Batman v Superman: Beyond the Limits

Could you ever possibly imagine two dark worlds colliding into one epic, disastrous, uncontrollable confrontation? This is exactly what will happen in the forthcoming movie Batman v Superman. As the statistics says, it is one of the most expected films in the first decade of 2016. Next weekend movie theaters are about to get packed for the opening night, fans are getting even crazier than ever before, and the whole film industry is holding its breath, impatiently waiting. Let us take a closer look at the original plot and the storyline of this piece of art.

The question that bothers many minds, which are not familiar with the original comic books’ storyline, is “what was the main reason for the conflict depicted in the movie?” To give a definite answer let us take a look on each side of this confrontation. Superman, who used to be a protector of all mankind, is experiencing a crisis at the moment when the actions start. The crisis is expressed in his depression and his attempts to cognize the essence of the power he possesses. He is an invincible one, and he can turn the world clockwise in the spare of a moment, but his forces are bounded by his responsibilities and his mission. So, the question that he constantly faces is whether he has chosen the right path or not? While being obsessed by these thoughts, Clark Kent (Superman) by accident meets Bruce Wayne (Batman), who is a dark protagonist raised in the city of Gotham. Batman devoted all his life to the one and only goal – protecting his people from any sort of danger that might impact the city and its inhabitants. And it happened so that Bruce Wayne saw a real threat in a Superman’s eyes, and he started getting really anxious about Clark Kent’s presence in the society.

So, this is pretty much it about the start of this magnificent movie. I bet we all are extremely impatient to see this masterpiece. Of course, not everyone will have a possibility to witnessing the film this weekend, because of being busy, not having a desire to go anywhere, etc. Some might just prefer waiting for this movie to be available online and just watch it in the background while cleaning the house, playing video games or spending time on Casinority. But, anyway, everyone is more likely to see it.

Another interesting thing about the upcoming movie is that it has more positive and negative reviews from critics. As a rule, films that are created under the brand of DC Comics of Marvel are underrated before the premiere day. But this is not the case. Of course, there are many debates between individuals that are into comics’ world and some of them are absolutely sure that the movie will ruin the chronology of the storyline and Ben Affleck is the worst Batman you can ever think of; while others believe that this is one of the greatest events that occurred to comics for the last 10 years. The only thing everyone agrees about is that we will have something huge and meaningful to discuss and witness shortly, so let us get prepared!

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