10 Underrated Netflix Originals You’ll Want To Start Watching

With most of us nonessential workers still homebound during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no better time to check out some of the best shows on Netflix. Of course, we all love The Office, but since we’re spending our days going from the bed to the dining room table (or another makeshift work-from-home desk) to the couch, we might as well try streaming something new for once.

For those unsure of what’s available now, we’ve put together a list of some highly-underrated Netflix originals that we’re pretty sure you’ll love just as much as Michael Scott’s crew of misfits.

Russian Doll

Russian Doll is the story of a day in the life of a young woman – or rather, days in the life. Nadia is on her way to a party in New York City where she galavants all night and then dies. But, strangely enough, she wakes up the next morning unharmed, soon realizing she must continually repeat that fateful day where she parties, dies, and then awakens the next day as if nothing has happened. A darkly funny and supernatural twist to this Groundhog Day-trope, Nadia finds that there are indeed silver linings to her situation, even though they may be difficult to find.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

When Kimmy Schmidt is saved from a doomsday cult with whom she has spent the last 15 years, she moves to New York in the hopes of starting her real life. With eagerness and an open mind, Kimmy’s positivity can be almost grating as she ventures through life with her flaky roommate, Titus. However, the two make a great pair; as Titus teaches Kimmy about modern-day culture and life, and Kimmy’s optimism brightens each of Titus’ days, the roommates deal with every issue and inconvenience together.

Sex Education

Even though Otis has a sex therapist for a mother, he couldn’t be more uncomfortable with the opposite sex and his own body. However, when he starts to learn about the issues many of his classmates are experiencing, he uses the knowledge that his mother Jean has embarrassingly bestowed upon him over the years to enlighten his fellow high-schoolers. In an underground sex clinic he sets up in an unused bathroom facility, Otis begins to not only help others but also help himself learn how to be more confident in himself and his abilities.

Workin’ Moms

Life is hard when you’re a mom, but these moms make it look even harder. In this hilarious show, a group of new mothers meet at a Mommy and Me class each week and discuss topics regarding their children. As each family steps outside the classroom, however, we see the funny and quirky ways in real life that they deal with marriage, toddlers, teenagers, work, friendships, and life in general.


What would you do if one day you realized you were somehow connected to another person on this planet? This show explores that question as eight strangers begin to have visions and revelations that connect them to other strangers. Now, they must learn why this is happening to them, and what will continue to happen if more people find out. From the filmmakers of The Matrix: Reloaded and Thor, this thrilling series takes you for a spin that is confusing, intense, and delicate all at the same time.

Alias Grace

Based on the historical fiction novel by acclaimed author Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace tells the story of a young woman who is accused and convicted of killing her employer and his housekeeper in 1843 Canada. A poor Irish immigrant and servant to the victim, she is sentenced to life in prison. Though a stablehand named James was also convicted, he was hanged as a punishment rather than placed behind bars. Now, 15 years later, a psychiatrist must determine if Grace can be pardoned for her crimes on a plea of insanity.


Sam is a young autistic high-schooler who finds himself ready to find love, or at the very least, a date. However, with his overprotective mother frightened of what her son could go through as he starts dating in a cruel world, he struggles to gain confidence. As he begins creating a new path for himself, his older sister stands up for him and his father does his best just to know more about his son and understand him. By redefining what normal is in a brave new world, Sam’s family surrounds him with love, compassion, and a lot of craziness.

Altered Carbon

When consciousness can be transferred from one body to another, anything is possible. Set nearly 300 years into the future after this science has been discovered, death is no longer something to fear, especially if you’re rich enough to afford an abundance of sleeves, or bodies, and endless backups used to store your consciousness in a digital cloud. However, it can still happen, which is what Takeshi Kovacs, a rogue soldier, is spun back up to life to discover on behalf of a wealthy client. As Takeshi sees the new world he is in, he must solve other mysteries to uncover the greed and scandal that hides beneath the exteriors of the elite.

Friends From College

Staying in touch with your college friends can be difficult, but when a group of best friends and Harvard alumni wind up in the same city, it’s easier than they think. As the group approaches their 40s, they must figure out how to unravel themselves from the intertwined relationships they have with each other, some of which are much closer and more inappropriate than others.


Mickey is a born wild girl, and just about as selfish and irresponsible as they come. When she meets Gus, a nice guy who is still heartbroken after finding out his long-term girlfriend cheated on him, the two become an unlikely pair that start off as friends and quickly move into something more. Though they couldn’t be more unalike, their differences are what draws them to each other in this weird, quirky comedy.

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