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Fantasia 2020 – THE MORTUARY COLLECTION Movie Review

I was s bit late to the game on The Mortuary Collection, but heard so many great things that I just had to request a review copy. This one anthology horror film that you will be craving more after you are done watching it. This is one movie that truly will fulfill the wishes of fans of every genre of horror.

Listen to my audio review of The Mortuary Collection:


At Raven’s End Mortuary, Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown) presides over the funeral rites of corpses whose histories he keeps recorded in the countless books on his shelves. One day, a young woman named Sam (Caitlin Fisher) answers his Help Wanted sign, and her curiosity about death and his past “clients” leads him to relate a few of the most bizarre tales. As the stories come to life on screen, we witness a pickpocket receiving her comeuppance; a frat-boy seducer receiving a graphic lesson about the importance of safe sex; a husband serving as caretaker for his catatonic wife who takes a drastic action with very unpleasant consequences; and a variation on the classic horror-movie trope of a babysitter terrorized by an asylum escapee. None of these end as you might expect, and after the last one is over, there’s one more surprise in store…


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