Apple Gets A Glasses Free 3D Patent

Apple has officially thrown its hat into the ring in the race to develop 3D projection technology that will allow you not to wear glasses.

CNET reports that Apple has successfully patented a system that creates a stereoscopic optical effect without the need for cumbersome eyewear.

Here’s how this system will work.  A pixelated image will be projected onto a textured surface, which will then bounce separate images to the left and right eyes of the audience at a wide variety of angles.
Nintendo, Toshiba and Sharp are also working tirelessly to create this tech first.  One can assume that Apple will put all of their high standards of excellence into use to produce this product. 
As someone that wears glasses in my daily life I do find 3D glasses to be uncomfortable and annoying.  The moment that any company is able to produce this type of technology at a customer sensitive cost I forsee 3D being a standard must-have item in households.  What are your thoughts of this tech news?
Source: The Wrap
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