Bradley Cooper Helps You Unlock Your Minds Potential Making It LIMITLESS

Check out this viral video promo for the film Limitless from Neil Burger.

Bradley Cooper is in character as the pitchman for NZT, a new wonderdrug, aka ‘the clear pill.’ The drug can solve almost every problem known to man by allowing humans to access their entire physical and mental potential. Us usual with any pill there are a couple of possibly troubling side effects. 
The film also stars Abbie CornishRobert De NiroAnna Friel and Tomas Arana.
Check out the viral video below and let us know what you think!
Official synopsis: 
Based on the novel by Alan Glynn with a screenplay written by Leslie Dixon (Mrs. Doubtfire, The Thomas Crown Affair, Hairspray), Limitless is an exciting “What if?” story that unveils a designer drug that could make you rich and powerful. Eddie (Bradley Cooper) is a down and out New York writer until he comes to possess a pill that gives him the ability to access the full capacity of his brain. Soon Eddie realizes the use of his newfound superior intelligence and success comes at a heavy price as mysterious antagonists pursue him and dangers of the amazing new drug are revealed.
Source: /Film
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