First Look: Official Photo From FAST FIVE

Here is the first official photo from Fast Five, the fifth Fast and Furious installment! Dwayne Johnson is a new addition to the cast of this franchise that has almost made half-billion dollars domestically since the first film in 2001.

Johnson plays Hobbs, a cop on the trail of street racers Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson and the other familiar faces and is scheduled to to hit theaters on April 29.

USA Today did an interview with the cast and crew and here is what they had to say:
According to Johnson, 

“One of the things I’ve always loved about the franchise — the reason I think it’s been so successful over the years — is that they never stop trying to up the action.”

According to Justin Lin, who has been helming the franchise since 2006’s The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the challenge has been in trying to top its muscle cars and muscled stars.

He goes on to say, 

“If you’re going to do a Fast and Furious movie, you’ve got to go bigger each time. People thought it would be impossible to get Dwayne. But he didn’t show up looking to cash a paycheck. That’s pretty amazing, for a star like him to join the fifth part of a franchise. That says a lot about him and the fans.”

Lin had this so to say about the intrigue of the films,

“I think what keeps it going is that it’s not really about cars. I have to be honest: I’m not a big car guy. At the core, Fast and Furious is about family and how to create them.”

According to Lin, Dwayne Johnson was brought on because he was the logical choice to chase Diesel’s leadfoot character Dom Toretto and Walker’s ex-cop Brian O’Conner.

Lin had the following to say about the chemistry on set,

“the vibe was electric when Dwayne walked on set. The whole crew was buzzing with him, Vin, and all these other huge action stars on one set. It was like having (Sylvester) Stallone and (Bruce) Willis in the same movie.”

Are you excited about the fifth film in the franchise?
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