Howard Gordon Tells How 24 Was Meant To End!

Howard Gordon24’s executive producer did a recent interview where he discussed how the series finale was supposed to end.  

Gordon was intereviewd by Assignment X, and revealed that Bauer was supposed to die in the series finale. Here is exactly what he had to say,

Yes, in many ways, I did. I think I maybe even wrote that scene and in the end it felt too depressing. I think it would have been a really depressing moment. I don’t think it would have been surprising, I think it would have been more depressing than surprising. In a strange way, that’s probably the ultimate, tragedy and probably the most politically correct ending, but it wasn’t something anybody wanted to commit to. Not just for the reason of the show, but honestly, if we had really felt that was the best ending, we would have all gone for it.

I am always interested in learning about alternate endings like this. It makes complete sense that they did not go that route from a financial perspective. It would be a little hard for them to cash in on the big-screen if Bauer had died.
What are your thoughts?
Source: /Film
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