New Clip And Featurette Arrive For THE GREEN HORNET

A new featurette and film clip have just been released for The Green Hornet! I continue to hear that this movie is awesome.  

The new featurette has interviews with co-writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, along with actress Cameron Diaz, and they explain how their movie will be different from your average costumed crusader. Britt Reid is obviously not your typical superhero, he doesn’t have powers, which makes him more like a Batman/Bruce Wayne kind of guy. Kato is definitely more like a superhero with his sweet ass martial arts skills.
This is obviously going to be a more humorous movie, and we also have a little film clip that was released that feature Diaz beating up Green Hornet and Kato.
Watch the videos below and let us know what you think! 

Britt Reid, son and heir to Los Angeles’ largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father James Reid dies, Britt meets an impressive and resourceful company employee, Kato. They realize that they have the resources to do something worthwhile with their lives and finally step out of James Reid’s shadow. Kato builds the ultimate weapon, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with every weapon imaginable and Britt decides that in order to be heroes, they will pose as villains. With the help of Britt’’s new secretary, Lenore Case, they learn that the chief criminal in the city is named Benjamin Chudnofsky. He has united all the gangs under his power, and he quickly sees that the Green Hornet is a direct threat to the prosperous criminal underworld he controls. 
Source: Moviefone
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