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Rumor Confirmation Or Confusion Between BATMAN Video Game And THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

As you could see from the trailer for Batman: Arkham City from the VGA’s we have learned a lot about the plot for the upcoming game. It has been confirmed that Professor Hugo Strange will be the villain and that he will learn the identity of the Dark Knight and use it against him and that Batman will go to battle with with soldiers sent to bring him to justice for his vigilante actions.

Interestingly enough all of the above plot details for the game mirror the rumors that have been surrounding The Dark Knight Rises. Here is a recap of the rumors currently making the rounds.

It has been said that Tom Hardy will star as Hugo Strange and that the plot of the film will be loosely based on one of the Batman comics known as Prey.  In that comic Batmans police ally Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) is ordered by his superiors to create a task force to hunt down the vigilante. This is a very plausible situation for the film since at the end of The Dark Knight. At the end of that film Batman was on the run from the cops who believe him responsible for murders committed by District Attorney/Two-Face played by Aaron Eckhart. Eckhart has confirmed that he will not star the third film despite Nolan keeping plot details under lock and key.  
Could it be possible that everyone spreading the rumors have been duped into thinking that the insiders scoop was about the film when in actuality it was about the new video game? Either way, at least we do know that Hugo Strange will make an appearance in the video game and maybe the film.
What are your thoughts about this possible confusion or similarity between the video game and the upcoming film?

Source: EW

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