Season 2 Of THE WALKING DEAD May Use Freelance Writers

It’s looking like the second season of The Walking Dead currently does not have a writing staff.

Frank Darabont, series writer/ executive producer/ director, has let go all of the writers who worked on the amazing first season of the show.  Even his Number 2 guy, writing executive producer Charles “Chic” Eglee was let go.
Deadline has reported that, “Darabont is looking to forgo having a writing staff for the second season of Walking Dead altogether and assign scripts to freelancers.” Apparently, this is the same writing model used by the Starz/BBC series Tourchwood.
The second season of The Walking Dead has 13 episodes on order compared to 6 from the first season. I worry that this system may cause a major lack of continuity for the show,  It will be really interesting to see how they end up managing this with a bunch of freelance writers. 
The Walking Dead is by far my favorite show on TV at the moment.  It is not just a great horror show is has excellent writing, directing and acting.  My philosophy is to never try to fix something that is not broken, which the show is definitely not.  As of now the freelance plan they are thinking about is still under discussion, and it’s not yet official. Darabont may decide to go with the option that includes using a combination of a writing staff and freelancers.
I could truly care less how they get to the end result, as long as they ultimately continue to maintain and improve their current standards.  What are your thoughts on this possible new writing system?
Source: Deadline
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