Tony Scott Directing The 24 Movie?

It has been rumored that Tony Scott may be chosen to direct a 24 movie!

As you are likely aware, a big screen adaptation of 24 has gotten the greenlight and the movie is currently in development. The speculation and rumors of who could be the director of the film began almost immediately after the news was announced.
Assignmentx recently interviewed producer Howard Gordon and he mentioned that Tony Scott has been identified as a possible candidate to direct the film.  
Gordon stated,

“The rumors are that Tony Scott has an idea that he is going to run by or has ran by Kiefer Sutherland. I don’t what the status of it is.”

He went on to clear up the rumor that the script by State of Play screenwriter Billy Ray will not be used for the film,

“It wasn’t strong enough or compelling enough for the studio to move ahead with it.”

Tony Scott has a command for dealing with intense action sequences in movies and with the success of Unstoppable he would be a great choice to direct. 
What are your thoughts on the idea of Tony Scott directing a 24 film? 
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