Check out the trailer for the Japanes film Golden Slumber from director Yoshihiro Nakamura.

The film had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival last summer and was one of the big hits at this years Fantastic Fest in Austin. Unfortunately it still doesn’t have a U.S. distributor. Part of what may be holding that up is the use of the song Golden Slumbers by the Beatles throughout the film.
Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think!
Here is the official synopsis from the Fantastic Fest site:

[In 2010], Yoshihiro Nakamura’s FISH STORY saved the world from certain annihilation and became the word-of-mouth hit of the NYAFF. This year, Nakamura’s back with another ode to the human connection, GOLDEN SLUMBER, a brain-melting thriller send-up that’s two parts THE BIG CHILL, three parts BOURNE IDENTITY and a million parts awesome.

In sunny Sendai, happy-go-lucky Aoyagi reunites with an old university buddy, only to discover he’s become a patsy for a labyrinthine government conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister. As Aoyagi runs for his life, his old classmates are ruthlessly hunted down by a government hatchet man (Teruyuki Kagawa, SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO). All hope seems lost until Aoyagi meets “Kill-O,” the friendly neighborhood serial killer, and when old-flame-with-a-kid Haruko enters the fray, stubbornly unwilling to believe the worst of her ex, it looks like the titular Beatles song just might be right – there really is a way to get back home.

Everything in GOLDEN SLUMBER is deliberate, from the serpentine plotting to the pitch-perfect performances, and even the background actors hold vital clues. Masato Sakai (CLIMBER’S HIGH) makes Aoyagi the ultimate everyman, and his laugh-so-I-don’t-scream disbelief as his world begins to collapse is devastatingly realistic. As Haruko, Yuko Takeuchi (DOG IN A SIDECAR) gradually evolves from a silly young girl to a married woman with one toe still dipped in the past. The story’s Hitchcock-isms are ultimately a vehicle for Nakamura’s personal cinematic earworms: the shattering immediacy of the commonplace, pop culture as a medium for communication and salvation, and a twisty, onionskin narrative that reminds us that friends are everywhere, in the most unlikely of places, and everyone, everything has a purpose. In GOLDEN SLUMBER, Aoyagi doesn’t just uncover a conspiracy, he unlocks the meaning of life, as a bottle rocket starburst signals the birth of the ultimate social network

Source: /Film

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