Writers Were Not Fired From THE WALKING DEAD After All

Yesterday we reported that Frank Darabont had fired the writers for the second season of The Walking DeadAccording to the shows producer Gale Anne Hurd this news is incorrect.

She denied the reports saying,

It’s completely inaccurate. [In] the writers’ room, there are people that have set up other projects that will be their first priority if their own series is picked up as a pilot or if it’s a series. I think [Eglee] just decided that he wants to run his own show.

So Darabont did not fire anyone, the writers are just moving on to other projects. Hurd also confirmed that the actors whose characters survive at the end of season finale are signed up for multiple seasons of the hit show. 
Hurd also said the series will probably return in October.

I think Frank and Robert [Kirkman, writer of the Walking Dead comic and an executive producer on the show] will sit down early next year, to begin mapping it out.

It is unfortunate that all of the writing staff from this great season will not be returning. Lets hope the producers b bring in writers that are even more talented. 
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