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First Look: Nintendo 3DS Packaging & Contents

Nintendo World 2011 brought with it a glimpse of the final box art for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s contents.

 Feast your eyes on the official box art of the 3DS courtesy of a NeoGAF reader.

Below is a list of what comes in the box when the unit is launched this Spring:
  • Nintendo 3DS Unit
  • Nintendo 3DS charger stand
  • AC adapter
  • 3DS Stylus
  • 2 GB SD Memory Card
  • Six AR Cards
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Guarantee
Past DS units have not come with a charger stand, the 3DS is unique because of the very low battery life which has been announced. This is a wise inclusion by Nintendo and will allow for games to quickly charge their 3DS.
The 3DS box art looks to have taken it cue from the Wii box art, which makes sense for streamlininng of branding givign the boxing clean and modern look. Gamers will be able to choose between two colors, metallic blue and black. Keep in mind that it’s possible these SKUs vary from region to region meaning those two colors will only be offered in the Japanese market. 
The 3DS will first be releasd February 26th with an estimated North American release date in April 2011. Have you already pre-ordered your 3DS or are you waiting to buy? 
Source: GameRant
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