FOX Turns Down Billy Ray’s Script For 24 Movie

It looks like fans of 24 will have to wait awhile for a movie to be made! EW reports that 20th Century Fox has turned down a script from Billy Ray who wrote State of Play. It is said that the story would have continued the storyline of of the hit drama 24.

Here is what producer Howard Gordon had to say to EW,

“As far as I know, it is in suspended animation. There is talk about re-approaching it. I understand (director/producer) Tony Scott is meeting with Kiefer to talk about ideas. People are still talking about it.”

Kiefer Sutherland spoke to EW in May that the series finale would set up the story for the film. Sutherland said,

“We wanted to create a definitive end for Jack Bauer. Since we do have the intention to make the feature film, it would lead into that and certainly set that up. Something we’ve dealt with in the series is how the crisis always has to come to us because we don’t have time to move anywhere in a real time world. In a two-hour (movie) representation of the 24 world, planes, trains, and automobiles all of a sudden become a factor because you are not required to go scene by scene in real time. That’s something I can say I am very excited about.”

Howard Gordon is very busy despite this setback. He has two dramas in development at Showtime and Fox, he’s busy promoting his thriller novel Gideon’s War.
Gordon still insists that we have not seen that last of Jack Bauer and states,

“I was disapppointed [Fox] passed on the script but I’m certainly hopeful that the movie will get made at some point,” he said. “Anecdotally, I’ve heard from people who are really missing the show and I do think there is more life in Jack Bauer.”

What are your thoughts of this news?
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