JB Smoove Teams With Fox On New Comedy Series

JB Smoove is set to star in a new comedy project in development at Fox.

Variety reports that Smoove has teamed with Date Night helmer Shawn Levy and The Office writer Aaron Shure to develop the series, that has been given a script order from Fox.
The show will star Smoove as a recently divorced man who can’t afford to move out or sell his house — and instead relocates to the basement with his ex-wife and kids still living upstairs.
Here is what Shawn Levy had to say about the project:

“He’s trying to get his life back, and has noble aims, but has a talent for consistently tripping himself up. There’s shades of ‘Roseanne’ in its blue collar subject matter. It felt like a good comedy vehicle for JB and an idea suited for our moment.”

This single-camera comedy is being developed by 20th Century Fox TV with Smoove set to star and produce. The project is a result of Smoove’s talent holding with 20th and Fox.
Smoove is best known for his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm. His relationship with Fox started when he was previously cast in Til Death in an attempt to jumpstart that sitcom. 
The show will be from  21 Laps/Adelstein launched last summer by Levy and Marty Adelstein. When Levy entered into the TV business he said that Smoove, who had a key scene in Date Night was one of his first calls.

“I thought it would be fun to develop something for him as the star. Consistently people who told me how funny ‘Date Night’ was would specifically cite the car chase sequence (featuring Smoove).”

Levy hoped that with using a single-camera technique that it would lend well to Smoove’s type of improv and that Levy frequently utilizes on his films.
Smoove will star in the upcoming season Curb Your Enthusiasm,  in which he once again plays Leon Black. He also stars in The Sitter for David Gordon Green opposite Jonah Hill. He will appear inCameron Crowe‘s We Bought a Zoo and provide a character voice in Ice Age 4.
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