Johnny Knoxville & Andy Samberg Make The List For THE THREE STOOGES

With a March 14th start dat for filmingm, the Farrelly Brothers have begun to narrow down their list of actors to star in The Three Stooges.

Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg and Australian comic Shane Jacobson are on the directors short list of actors to play Moe, Larry and Curly. No official offers have been made but they are definitley being considered for the roles left  by Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro when the film fell apart. There will be more info coming on this story so stay tuned we will continue reporting as it becomes available! 
One good thing going for the actors and the studio is that they do not come with as hefty a price tags as Penn, Carrey and del Toro would have been. Knoxville who is currently popular as a result of Jackass 3D and Samberg being the reason that SNL is still enjoyable are good choice to attract a younger audience into theaters.  
Richard Jenkins was in early talks to play the head of the orphanage but no word if he’s still interested. The Wrap reveals that the picture will be formatted into three twenty-seven minute segments and is aiming at a family friendly PG rating.
Deadline reported that the story will being when “the trio are dumped out as newborns at the door of an orphanage….and follows them to adulthood and is very much in the spirit of the original shorts, in which the blue collar bumblers got the best of the wealthy society matrons that tried to exploit them.” 
What are your thoughts of the possible casting additions?

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