Peter Farrelly Talks THREE STOOGES Rumors & Gives Plot Details

Lat week we shared a casting rumor with you that Johnny Knoxvile and Andy Samberg were up for roles in The Three Stooges from the Farrelly Brothers.

Director Peter Farrelly recently did an interview with EW that sets the record straight about some  of the rumors floating around and reveals some plot details.
Here is what Peter had to say about what he described as “annoying” casting rumors:

“You don’t want people to think ‘they already cast that thing,’ because we haven’t. It’s wide open to everybody.”

The Three Stooges has been in the works for nearly a decade and had Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro andJim Carrey attached to star. He goes on to disucss the actors involvement:

“That was real. Sean Penn wanted to do it and when Sean wanted to do it, everyone wanted to do it. But he is extremely involved in Haiti right now. We heard that if we waited a couple years, we could probably get him, but we’ve already waited a few years.”

Stooges which is being developed by Fox is planned to begin shooting in Atlanta around mid-April. When one star left it was like a domino effect. First it was Penn that left for reasons mentioned above and then Carrey dropped out. Despite Farrelly liking Knoxville and Samberg as possibilities for the role, they have yet to even audition and he says that, “Right now, I don’t know. There is no leader in the clubhouse.”
The Farrelly’s are planning the Stooges as a fictional comedy and not a bio-pic of the original actors. The plan is to take the iconic characters of Moe, Larry and Curly and place them in a new story. Farrelly went on to say:

“It’s The Three Stooges just like the [old shorts]. They’re going to look the same, dress the same, sound the same, act the same, with the same sound effects.”

Each of the three acts planned for the film will serve as a stand-alone story, but still be connected just like the original episodes. The first act will take place 40 years in the past and the remainder will take place in present day. “A car whips by an orphanage, throws a duffel bag out its window and keeps going,” Farrelly says. “A nun sees the duffel and opens it up, and a little baby hand comes out and — Boink! — hits her in the eye. So that first episode is them growing up in the orphanage.”
After the first act we catch up with the Stooges as adults as they are leaving the orphanage and heading out on their own. They will have a number of misadventures which will lead to the trio splitting up and in the third will be have them alone — and finding that all the slapping, eye-gouging, and head-bonking isn’t a useful way of dealing with the outside world.
As expected there will be lots of physical comedy with a nice dose of violence, yet the Farrellys are aiming for a PG rating by keeping the smacks and pokes “cartoony.” It is said that the Farrelly’s want to cast actors who are willing to give themselves over to impressions of the numbskull characters created by Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine.
Farrelly finished by saying:

“I don’t want ‘somebody’s version of Moe. It’s not like Batman where you can have your own take on Batman.”

There you have it straight from Peter Farrelly. I am so glad that the rumors have been cleared up, now I can sleep at night. If you can’t tell I am not terribly excited about this film. I like the Farrelly’s films, but just don’t feel there is a need for this film to be made. 
What are your thoughts on The Three Stooges?
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